YOUR4X4 is a real 4x4 touring show for real 4wdrivers. YOUR4X4 is all about your outback, your weekend, your journey and of course your 4x4. We have some iconic 4wd treks to show as well as some that will surprise even the most experienced 4wheeler. YOUR4X4 has something for everyone, from family day trips to 4x4 touring and even overseas 4wd treks.

 YOUR4X4 2017 Teasers

YOUR4X4 High Country Adventure

This Saturday, April 7, at 11.30am on 7Mate the new series of YOUR4X4 goes to air.

The first five episodes are dedicated to our Summit to Sea adventure where we cross the Victorian High Country from north to south and primarily off road.

Watch for the action and characters that make these trips so memorable.

YOUR4X4 opener

Opening titles for the new Series of YOUR4X4.

YOUR4X4 New Series

To say we are excited about the new Series of YOUR4X4 is an understatement. We've gone all out to make this a fresh, exciting and new production with the same core values of ethical 4x4 touring that you have come to love and expect from our team.

The new Series kicks off Saturday April 7 at 11.30am on 7Mate. We can't wait.

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Vic High Country

Check out our Vic High Country Teaser. It's an old one but the full Series is still available to purchase on our new USB packages.

Daily 4x4 with YOUR4X4

The Iveco Daily 4x4 has become a solid partner for our YOUR4X4 adventures.

Outback NSW Teaser

Here's our old teaser from Outback NSW. It was another great series with a diversity of locations that included the Vic High Country. The full Series is still available to purchase via our new USB packages.

Kimberley Teaser

Check out our Kimberley Teaser. It's an old one but the full Series is still available to purchase on our new USB packages.

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Watch YOUR4X4 at 11.30am on 7Mate every Saturday!

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 Your4x4 2016 Trips

 Blue skies. White shores. Sand, sun and 4WDing. 

Join the team as we uncover the secrets of the incredible Moreton Island, when YOUR4X4 returns in February 2016. Have a sneak peak at what to expect in upcoming episodes of 4wd TV. Simply click on the image to watch the video.


 Your4x4 Ask An Expert

Ask an Expert question: What is the best way to do offroad storage?


Your4x4 Kimberley Adventure Continues

Our epic Kimberley adventure continues with another 10 episodes.
From Derby in WA we head to the remote beachside oasis of Cape Leveque and then onto the historic establishment of Broome. We then trek cross country to Fitzroy Crossing, Tunnel Creek, Halls Creek and the stunning Bungles. This short video highlights some of the amazing scenes we experienced.